Where to drink beer in Krasnoyarsk city

Where to drink beer in Krasnoyarsk cityWe would like to welcome all our visitors. It’s the website about beer in Krasnoyarsk city. If you came to this page, you must know – it’s created especially for you. Our goal is to provide information about beer in this city for you. We want to give you knowledge about beer grades, breweries and pubs in our city. It’s the Krasnoyarsk Beer Guide. For a start — beer sounds like «PIVO» in Russia. So…

In most supermarkets you can buy local varieties from major breweries. In most cases you will purchase inexpensive lager beer, which will be good and tasty enough. But we would like to recommend you some of brewers and their products:

  • Зеленогорское — cheap lager beer by Zelenogorskiy brewery (it spells like «Zelenogorskoe»). Brewed near Krasnoyarsk.
  • Абаканское – legend cheap lager beer by Ayan brewery (spells like «Abakanskoe»). Brewed in Abakan city.
  • Томское – nice cheap lager beer from Tomsk city. It’s brewed by «Tomskoe pivo» brewery.

Looks like this:

All of this beer grades are inexpensive Siberian bottled beer.

And now let’s talk about draft craft beer grades of Krasnoyarsk:

In Krasnoyarsk city we have some craft breweries:

And some others…

ПрофсоюзThe names of these brewers sound very simple for people, who don’t speak Russian. You can buy their products in many specialized draft beer shops. But among all the beer retailers we would like to recommend you the chain of stores «Профсоюз» (it spells like «Profsoyuz»). Shop’s addresses you can find at this Google Map:

TheBeerStoreIn addition, there are two beer boutiques named «TheBeerStore» in Krasnoyarsk, in which you will find a lot of imported and craft beer from different manufacturers. Photos of the shops are presented below:

And beer pubs in Krasnoyarsk

Here we have some specialized beer pubs and restaurants. Most of them located in the city center. Let’s go:

  1. Draft-Cafe «Cambridge» on Chkalova st. 42. Phone: +7 (391) 271-55-97. Many draft beer from different breweries and tasty food here;
  2. Beer restaurant «Papa’s beer garage» on Mira st. 91. Phone: +7 (391) 204-10-91. Many draft and bottled craft and imported beer from different breweries. Here you can enjoy grilled and brand name burgers There is a hookah room;
  3. Bar «Shtab» on Mira st. 86. Phone: +7 (391) 215-01-05. «Shtab» is translated as «headquarters». Here you can find many draft and bottled craft beer from Russian breweries. A small menu is offset by delicious food. In the whole bar area you can smoke hookah;
  4. Craft bar «Bureaucrat» on Mira st. 65. Phone: +7 (391) 228-90-28. A lot of draft and bottled beer from all over the world. From food here are only snacks for beer, but the bar is very cozy and the bartenders are true professionals.

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We hope that the information was useful to you. Write your feedback in the comments.

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